Friday, January 27, 2012

பெண்களின் அழகு

Dr ஷாலினி அவர்கள் ஒரு டிவி ஷோ வில் பெண்களின் அழகு பற்றி பேசியது ..... once a time men wore ear rings, tuft and calcarine. but now they don't. if they want to be look like beautiful or handsome they should waste their time by putting some make ups. but they don't. they changed themselves to the present scenario. they realize that intelligence is more important than the external beauty. beauty is in our behavior, in our attitude in the way in which we approach, in the way we react, response . but women don't realize that, they are wasting  their time by putting make ups. cosmetic companies target them and sell their products. those are the models to the companies' products. don't thing foolish a lady become beautiful within a week ? why should a lady beautiful ? apart from that there  are lot  to consider... modesty, chastity, maternity, feminine ect., beauty means on the view of the person not physical appearance.

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